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Coronavirus Update: June 9, 2020

How are we dealing with Coronavirus?

As the Coronavirus is affecting our communities, we have been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from clients who have parties booked.

If you need to reschedule your in-person party 🎈 we ask that you send in an email to and include your Invoice No. Date, Time, Location, and Character. Please be aware that you have only up to one year of your originally scheduled party date to reschedule. If you reschedule past the one-year deadline your original deposit is invalid and you will need to pay a new deposit. 

The email should state you are requesting to RESCHEDULE your party. As a courtesy, your non-refundable deposit or nonrefundable payment per our terms and conditions will be applied as a credit to reserve your future rescheduled party up to one year from the originally scheduled party date.  

Please remember to request to “RESCHEDULE”, so your non-refundable deposit or nonrefundable payment per our terms and conditions can be applied for a future credit up to one year from the originally scheduled party date.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, your deposit or full payment is non-refundable, however, we are offering clients who must reschedule their parties a credit on their nonrefundable deposit or non-refundable full payment as a courtesy only up to one year of their originally scheduled party date. If you attempt to reschedule past the one-year deadline you will need to pay a new deposit and your party will be a new booking.

If you must reschedule your party, it is important to alert us immediately so that we can notify the performer, and so that you do not forfeit your ability to reschedule.

Due to the volume of rescheduling requests we are receiving, please try to give us a minimum 6-10 weeks advance notice for your new date. We will do our best to accommodate your requested new date and time. If you do not have a date set to reschedule your party, do not worry, most families do not, and when you do we will do our best to accommodate.

Please remember we are a small family owned business and have a high volume of calls and emails. We are doing our best to respond quickly to everyone. Thank you for your support.

 For those that were planning a party and now are wondering how to create a special memory? We have two Amazing Options for you, so the magic can continue:

1. The  $90 special video message is available

2. The  $90 A 30 minute virtual video story-time with a character

These two packages are available  for NEW bookings only, beginning March 13, 2020. Your child’s favorite character can send a video message wishing them a very Happy Birthday.
(please be aware this package is only applicable to new bookings beginning Friday March 13, 2020. Deposits or Full Payments for parties or events at your location can not be applied to a virtual party or virtual greeting. These are two separate products and can not be combined) 

All clients who plan to have an in person party and/or event with Amazing Fairytale Parties whether on their original scheduled date and/or on a newly scheduled date and/or new client bookings, will be required to sign our COVID-19 WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION