Birthday Party Location in PDX

Birthday Party Location in PDX

Birthday Party Location PDX

Portland Princess Party
Cinderella and Little Beauty


Birthday Party Location PDX – Amazing Fairytale Parties has moved. Click Here for More Details.

When I was a little girl, I lived in the world of my imagination. I always felt a little bit of an outcast because I was “different” than most everyone else surrounding me. I was a mixed child of immigrant parents in a white washed world and well it wasn’t easy dealing with all the inner struggle THAT can cause.

I spent a lot of time when I wasn’t in the theater doing musicals, or training at the San Francisco Ballet, or on a print/commercial set, just playing in my room creating worlds that only existed in my creative imagination.

I loved my “princess furniture” my mom got me and even though I didn’t act like a princess I think deep down inside I always felt like the Ruler of my Own Queendom.

Birthday Party Location PDX

Thinking back, I distinctly remember being able to turn my closet  into a palace! It had an Alice in Wonderland style door that led into a world that had all the things that my imagination could create and it was all PINK!

My brother who is 8 years older than me (he sure must’ve been excited when I came along ;), tells this story of how one night sitting at the dining room table, my dad asked us “What do You want??!”. Now what that question was pertaining to I am not quite sure as I vaguely recollect the memory as it is, BUT MY answer was, “I want my room to be all PINK!!!”.

Ummmm…. DAD I’M STILL WAITING FOR MY PINK ROOM!!! but lucky for you…

I’m a strong believer in Paulo Coelho’s quote from the Alchemist that “When You want Something All the Universe Conspires in Helping you to Achieve it”…

So I present to you PDX… Your, well MINE, But YOUR very own Pink Palace – The Amazing Fairytale Parties Boutique!

I am Sooooooooo Excited! I mean WE are sooooooo excited! Sure, spending your Birthday Party at a location like McDonald’s like I did when I was a kid can be fun, or even a Bounce House Rental,  but what is better than celebrating your birthday party as a kid in a beautiful birthday party venue space like what we have created for YOU and well US and who are we kidding MEEEEEEE!!!!

Birthday Party Location PDX

Seeing as though I can not have children of my own and have always dreamed of changing the life of a child in a positive way (I’m still trying to manifest being a United Nations Ambassador! Someday!!! Hey UN Call me Guys!) then why not create a world where children can use their imaginations and flourish in the mind of creativity?

The Amazing Fairytale Parties Boutique offers character entertainment for family fun entertainment, children’s parties and adult corporate events.

Our beautiful event space in PDX hosts the Amazing Story Time Adventure Series on Sundays with new characters and tons of fun activities!

AFP will host your event be it a Birthday Party, Sweet Sixteen, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or even just a fun movie night for your kiddo’s or you and your friends.

We can even cater in food for you from our friends next door or, another thing I’ve always been obsessed with – PIZZA and DOUGHNUTS. NOM NOM NOM.

Celebrate with Us, Our Community and well ME (chuckles) on this beautiful space that my still very wild and fun imagination has whipped up for Portland and it’s families…

Hope to see you there! Smooches xoxo

The Queen Honey B. and the ENTIRE TEAM AT AFP.

(503) 575-1948

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