Party Like A Princess: How to throw a Princess Birthday Party

Party Like A Princess: How to throw a Princess Birthday Party

Invite the Little mermaid in Portland OregonParty like a Princess: How to throw a princess birthday party!

Little girls are princesses in every sense of the word. They fill our lives with joy, laughter and cheer and when it is time to celebrate their birthdays, we like nothing more than to see their faces light up with delight as they are featured as the princesses they are.

Thanks to our beloved animated films of various fairy tales, we have a range of princesses for our little girls to choose from. And this gives more options when planning for a perfect birthday party for them.

The key to success of any good party is to involve the child. Unless of course you want it to be a surprise and then you really should know which princess is her absolute favorite.

Starting from the invites, a tiara or crown shaped card, gives away the party theme instantly. Load it up with glitter for a sparkly, shiny effect. You can make the cards yourself with your daughter as a craft or you can also look up for birthday invite templates online or buy invites from a store.

Princess dress shaped cards are another great idea, you can even put a photo of your princess atop the dress for the perfect invitation from your princess. Cinderella loving girls would love a glass slipper shaped invitation.

Party like a Princess: How to throw a princess birthday party!

Next is the cake. If you don’t have enough confidence in your baking and cake making skills, this is best left to professionals. Again, the cake has to be in accordance with the princess theme, it can be a poufy ball gown like Cinderella, a Rapunzel with long golden tresses rendered in fondant all over or a tiara so every little girl invited to the party gets a piece of it!

What is a birthday party without games? Little princesses however would want to play games that are regal. It is easy to customize the usual games like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ with a princess spin.

You can have a ‘put the tiara on her head’ version of it, a cut out wig for placing on Rapunzel’s head, a glass slipper to fit on Cinderella’s feet or place the magic lamp in Princess Jasmine’s hand.

A treasure hunt is also a popular game. Turn it into an accessories hunt for the princess’ look instead. Make teams and give them a list of things that complete the theme princess’ look, with clues to their hiding places. The team that finds all or most of the things can each be crowned the winner.

For DIY loving girls, a tiara making crafts station is also a great idea. It would of course require some adult supervision as everyone gets to making their own crowns and tiaras. Make sure you have enough glitter, glue, colored and crepe paper to go around!

Party like a Princess: How to throw a princess birthday party!

A photo-booth can be the next step in the party, after a crafty session. The guests can pose with their own creations or you can have a range of props for them to choose  for a picture memory of the party. And here you don’t have to limit to just the princess, include the evil step-mom and witches just to add to the fun mix.

For the ultimate in a princess birthday party experience, book the services of a children’s entertainment company like Amazing Fairytale Parties in Northern California and everyone can enjoy a visit from the Princess, have her talk to them, sing to them, and make it a memorable time for the birthday girl as well as her friends.

Companies like ours have a variety of packages available to suit your budget and theme. They can help you in executing the perfect party and assist in games and activities that are sure to be a hit. Click Here to book your next party.

The beaming smiles your loved one sports on her face through-out the event is going to be worth all the effort and time you put into it!

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