Amazing Activities For a Princess Party – by Amazing Fairytale Parties

Amazing Activities For a Princess Party – by Amazing Fairytale Parties

Activities for a Princess Party

Portland Princess Party
Cinderella and Little Beauty

Planning the perfect birthday party for your princess can be easy if you know what you want. Princesses are so much more than tiaras and gowns, after all. Thanks to Disney and their many animated magical movies, our little girls have a vast variety of princesses to choose from.

If you want to take out the hassle of organizing and thinking up activities for a fun party, you can always contract out the planning and execution part to one of many quality children’s entertainment companies. They have a host of party packages that can be customized further to suit your budget, needs and theme.  One similar to our very own company, Amazing Fairytale Parties, that offers you a high quality standard of entertainment you can count on.

A very popular activity with little girls is the ‘make-over’, where every guest and of course the little hostess is treated to beautifying treatments fit for a princess. It can be as little as a child-friendly mani-pedicure session, to full-on works that include hair styling.

Once you have your princesses ready in appearance, you can have an ‘etiquette’ session for them too. Little girls love role play and learning the proper ways, decorum and manners of how a princess conducts herself is guaranteed to be a hit. (Parents would thank you too, for this activity…everyone loves a well-behaved child.

Activities for a Princess Party

Another thing that would keep them occupied could be dance lessons at the party. Once everyone has learned some basic formal dancing moves, they can participate in a Grand Ball. Every princess deserves one, right?

For DIY enthusiasts, planning and patience is key in ensuring a hit party.  You can arrange a scavenger hunt, where the party guests have to look for princess gear, Cinderella’s glass slippers, Snow White’s tiara, Ariel’s sea shells, Jasmine’s lamp, even a small cushion for Sleeping Beauty. Look through some animations to be inspired and make sure that the clues you set are age appropriate for the ‘hunters’.

Decorating tiaras can be another activity. You would have to have the basic shapes cut-out and let the girls decorate their own head-gear. Lots of glitter, colored crepe paper, paints and shiny stickers to make jewels, everyone can have a cute take-away from the party!

Activities for a Princess Party

A great variation on Pin the Tail, for a princess party, is Kiss the Frog. Get a frog cut out, a big one to be put on the wall, or small ones if you don’t want to risk lipstick smeared on your walls, paint those little pouts with lipstick (they are going to love you for this), blindfold them and tell them to smack some kisses on their frog. Or you could hand them red-lip cut-outs to plant on the frog. One who gets her kiss closest on the frog’s mouth is a true princess!

What is a princess without a castle. Save up some empty toilet paper rolls, and shoe boxes to arrange into a castle. You can do this part yourself, if your guests are young, and let them decorate their castles as team projects. Or, with slightly older girls, have them arrange the turrets and towers to be decorated. This is a fun art activity that also fosters team work in them.

Whatever activities you plan on, remember that your princess deserves the very best. Perseverance and patience are the qualities a princess looks for when choosing her staff!

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